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A Driving Force Behind the Automotive Industry

Lower Production Costs and Increased Efficiency for Automotive Manufacturing

Whether it’s making tyres, drivetrains, engines or windscreen wipers, there is a constant need for automotive suppliers to lower their production costs without sacrificing quality.



It makes basic business sense – to stay competitive automotive manufacturers must strive to deliver products that are both high-performance and affordable.

In order to meet the challenge, more and more companies of all shapes and sizes are turning to ZOLLER UK, the only firm on these shores solely dedicated to supplying precision tool presetting and analysis equipment.

Through its innovative range of systems and software solutions, ZOLLER UK helps to ensure tools are of the right quality to create accurate, top-class parts prior to machining, leading to significantly shorter delivery times, longer tool life, reduced scrap and less rework.

The increased efficiency in production enjoyed by users elicits a rapid return on investment, not to mention a significant boost in reliability and reputation.

Where mistakes cannot afford to be made, ZOLLER delivers. No engine, for example, starts without successful ignition, which requires the piston to move smoothly within the cylinder. Only tools set with micron precision, such as reamers, guarantee the drill holes necessary.


The solution for such critical tasks is the reamCheck machine, which can be adjusted for both tactile and non-contact measurement. This means that reaming and other tools which, due to their geometry, can’t be used with image-processing technology can instead be adjusted and assessed using tactile processes.

Threads are another crucial component in any vehicle, found everywhere from wheels to fuel tank caps, meaning safety is at stake. Exactitude is a must, and the ZOLLER »threadCheck« is specially developed for the job.

Measuring helical threading tools and hobs without distortion, it is equipped with six CNC-controlled axes, intuitive image processing operations and highly modern multi-sensors.

Microns really matter in terms of automotive industry tool lengths. That’s why the combined presetting, measurement and heat-shrinking functionality of the redomatic is perfect for tight tweaks.

Due to its unique automatic length adjustment feature asza, it has been designed to heat-shrink tools quickly, easily and meticulously. As it requires just five seconds to heat and 60 seconds to cool a tool with the redomatic, remarkable time savings are achieved.

What’s more, operators are simply, safely and reliably guided through the process using graphic operating instructions, so training requirements are minimal.

With the zenit, gemini, smile and venturion machines also in its armoury, complemented by a Gold tool management solution package and the flash module, ZOLLER UK provides unparalleled support to the automotive sector and is the clear number one choice for engine plants.

Alongside products that integrate into existing processes, it creates hassle-free tool management for businesses by making stock quantities, stock location, tool life data and work schedules available across all departments.

Innovation and flexibility are key ingredients for success, with ZOLLER UK putting automotive suppliers in pole position to succeed.

Are you a supplier to the automotive industry? Contact us to arrange a free demonstration of how bespoke ZOLLER UK hardware and software could benefit your business.