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Basics of Tool Presetting

Preset for Success

Tool presetting helps in sustaining and supporting efficient machining processes by providing tool data to be translated to CNC programs. Tool inspection also ensures improved tolerancing capability and maximised production time, with tool management delivering a broad range of in-house functions that contribute towards your CNC accuracy.

Reliant on accurate tool dimensions, the precision of metal cutting in CNC machine tools is integral to end product precision. Tool specifications such as the diameter, length, angles and cutting edge radius are imperative for accuracy in the machining process. Tool presetting allows the user to ensure that the product is within those specifications before the tooling process begins. Presetting your tools increases productivity by maximising uptime because the inspection is carried out on pre-mounted tools offline, therefore as one tool is being preset another is in use on the CNC machine.


basics of tool presetting


Real-time measurement results

It is not only the hardware setting ZOLLER apart with leading tool presetting and inspection technology, but software also plays an integral role in tool precision. The core interface, integrated across a substantial amount of ZOLLER’s presetting machines, features an on-screen arrow which indicates the direction in which the sensor must move to make contact with the component’s cutting edge. Then once centred on the tool, the presetting measurement process begins by automatically selecting a cutting edge shape from its database following detection of the part’s outline, and a built in program enables measurements of radial and axial run-out.

ZOLLER’s core interface works in conjunction with either of the three software packages: Pilot 1.0Pilot 2 mT and Pilot 3.0. And as presetting sophistication increases up the range of ZOLLER machines, so too does machine operation capability alongside the advancing software packages. The further up the line, the more advanced the software becomes- tolerancing capability improves and options for management of online data increase. Touchscreens become larger as well as gaining keyboards and mice, making a complex process much more comprehensive through these tools and in-built automatic processes.

From speeding up essentially what is a manual process, to running its own automated process, ZOLLER’s high-end software is capable of carrying out incredibly advanced analytical functions suited to experienced machinists in the industry. When considering the correct software for your machining process it is essential to evaluate the user’s technical knowledge and ability, inspection demand, tool dimensions and in-house tool data management. Some of the more sophisticated models integrate a fourth axis in addition to Z, X and C (such as the ZOLLER Hyperion and Redomatic) and possess larger measurement envelopes to inspect different sizes and shapes of tools, this combined with automated software provided a faster measurement process thus improving your machining processes through preparing tools for use before they are even needed.


User training is critical in conducting a precise tool presetting process, ZOLLER tool presetters are designed with simplicity in mind, created to carry out fast and precise measurement tasks. That is why the ZOLLER UK team will pass on to you and your team not only the tools but also the knowledge that you need to maximise your tool precision and production uptime, by providing comprehensive training of your machine’s operations and software functions.

The ACE spindle is a universal, pneumatically-actuated tool post that is integrated into many of the ZOLLER presetter machines, eliminating the need for a tool post adapter. Tool data can also be transferred through label or list printing to USB stick and the serial jack for linking to machine tools for direct numerical control (DNC) and finally through network integration, linking with connected machines.

Achieve total integration for minimal effort.

Another benefit of ZOLLER systems, even at entry-level, is their ability to store a database of cutting-edge shapes for the automatic tool identification process, alongside measuring steps and tool adapters, and these data storage options increase with higher-end ZOLLER machine models. Another add on is the Tool Management Solutions (TMS) software option which offers three versions, bronze, silver and gold. These include varieties of in-house tool management, warehouse management and manufacturing organisation management, respectively.


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