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The modern manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly competitive, meaning manufacturers have to maximise all of their machines capacity. It is vital for modern manufacturers to have tools that can be preset quickly and accurately, without disrupting the production process. ZOLLER tool presetters offer a revolutionary solution to this challenge, by measuring tools offline away from […]

Tool presetting is essential for modern manufacturers to maximize CNC machine capacity and produce high-quality products efficiently. ZOLLER UK provides world-leading precision tool presetting, inspection, storage and management solutions, adding improved efficiency and value to any manufacturing process. ZOLLER’s digitalised and automatic offline tool presetters ensure accurate and consistent measurements of a manufacturers tool to […]

In the advanced industry of modern manufacturing, efficiency and precision is a key priority. ZOLLER, a pioneer in tool presetting and inspection solutions, is empowering manufacturers to elevate their shopfloors to new heights. ZOLLER’s comprehensive suite of tool presetting, inspection, storage and management solutions seamlessly integrates into existing shopfloor processes, elevating them to a new […]

In modern manufacturing, the accuracy of tooling is paramount to achieving the highest level of quality and efficiency of a production process. ZOLLER are industry leaders, offering the most accurate and advanced tool measurement technology available and provide comprehensive solutions for acquiring and managing critical tooling information. ZOLLER offers purpose-built inspection solutions that enhance machining […]

As the manufacturing industry becomes increasingly more demanding and competitive, reducing tooling costs is a key priority for companies looking to stay competitive. ZOLLER UK provides world-leading precision tool presetting, inspection, storage and management solutions, adding improved efficiency and value to any manufacturing process. ZOLLER tool management solutions give full visibility of tools across the […]

Many companies assume that the only way to increase productivity and machine capacity on their shopfloor is to simply continue to increase the number of CNC machines on site. However, ZOLLER UK offers more cost-effective solutions which many companies are beginning to exploit and see the benefits of. ZOLLER UK delivers world-leading precision tool presetting, […]

Optimised shopfloor production efficiency is vital for modern manufacturers in an increasingly competitive market. Manufacturers need to ensure fast production, short turn-arounds and competitive pricing without sacrificing on product quality. When a manufacturing shopfloor is working at full capacity, the immediate thought is to buy another manufacturing machine to increase capacity… but what if there […]

Efficiency and accuracy are at the centre of manufacturing and production. Ensuring components are produced consistently to increasingly tight specifications, requires the guarantee that tooling and equipment remain accurate. Tool presetters offer a significant benefit to manufacturers, ensuring less machine downtime, increased productivity, extended tool life, reduced scrap and optimum accuracy, all of which improve […]

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