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The Smile 420 is a fully automated measuring and presetting machine, ready for Industry 4.0 and any production environment. Supported by pilot 4.0 image processing software and zidCode data transfer, ZOLLER Smile saves hours of time and thousands in wasted operating costs year after year. Cutting-edge components Every part of a ZOLLER Smile has been […]

With offline tool presetting, manufacturers get more for less. ZOLLER’s world-leading technology specialises in finding and freeing-up capacity that already exists within a factory, at only a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new CNC machine. Effortless data transfer in manufacturing helps with this efficiency boost. When tools are prepared for machining with micron […]

At the centre of ZOLLER Tool Management Solutions (TMS) is this promise to manufacturers – get the right tool, in the right place, at the right time. It is achieved through a user-friendly, versatile, secure and intuitive system capable of uniting all existing assets and integrating seamlessly into overall business processes. From design to finished […]

What springs to mind when you hear the phrase ‘smart manufacturing?’ Streamlining, quality, precision and reliability, perhaps. Innovation, connectivity, cost-effectiveness and future-proof operations. While it’s all of these things and more, there’s one aspect of a production operation that is the absolute cornerstone for any business aspiring to achieve such benefits: tool management. We don’t […]

Traditional manufacturing and industrial practices are becoming increasingly influenced by modern technology. The phenomenon has widely become known as the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0 – a new approach to production where technological advancements, analysis, and data transfer are helping to deliver results that were simply not possible just a few years ago. At […]

Overcome The Challenges in Your Tooling In order to produce complex single components efficiently and collision-free, manufacturers need to evaluate the level of precision implored by their current machining technology and how out-of-tolerance tools may not only be affecting the quality of production but also attributing towards machine crashes.

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