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COMING SOON: The New »venturion 450«

A robust machine with unrivalled ergonomics, the »venturion 450« boasts control elements with an extremely functional design alongside its futuristic redesign of ZOLLER’s classic, one-hand »eQ« operating handle fixed to a separate operating unit for maximised ergonomic design and user flexibility. The »venturion 450« is built with the best brand components along with careful workmanship to ensure your presetter’s longevity.


In conjunction with the TMS Tool Management Solutions, the »venturion 450« has direct connection to external systems as well as centralised management of all existing and collected tool data- allowing for manufacturers to transfer all data required for the networked future of manufacturing – Industry 4.0.

Offering the seamless and secure exchange of data between all manufacturing stations, from work preparation to CNC machine, ensuring manufacturers benefit from uniform, micron-precise values. This secure data transmission can be carried out regardless of machine manufacturer with a variety of functions available: via label, RFID chip, postprocessor, data matrix code or parent production control systems.

Introduce the highest levels of efficiency into your tool department by combining the »venturion 450« with »pilot 3.0« software, which offers fast measurement and presetting of standard tools without the requirement of any data input. Even the most complex tools can be measured and preset with optimal precision, ensuring the tooling process is exact on the first attempt- providing a solution for every requirement.


Unmatched in precision and longevity.

Alongside the new, variable »cockpit« control unit, users are able to comfortably work with 180 degree accessibility. From adjusting, measuring and testing through to tool management ZOLLER has the solution for every presetting and measurement requirement.

Quality features and components on the »venturion 450« include: an integrated CCD camera with coated lenses, the special LED ZOLLER optics for standard cutting edge inspection in incident light, the »ace« high-precision spindle and options such as RFID technology for reliable process data transmission. The »venturion 450« is equipped for the highest demands, providing professionals with maximum flexibility and the greatest precision. Comprehensive software functions offer the right setting, measuring, and inspection solution for every application.

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