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How to Avoid Collisions within your Tooling Routine

Overcome The Challenges in Your Tooling

In order to produce complex single components efficiently and collision-free, manufacturers need to evaluate the level of precision implored by their current machining technology and how out-of-tolerance tools may not only be affecting the quality of production but also attributing towards machine crashes.


Process safety is of major focus within the current world of production and so ZOLLER, in response to this, offers high-precision presetting and inspection systems that are specifically designed to overcome the challenges of tool and mould construction, which often involve a high level of part variation. In addition, ZOLLER offers efficient tool management solutions (TMS), and measuring programs in pilot 3.0 such as toolrealityCheck for fast and guaranteed collision-free work.

Transparent Tool Organisation

Often characterised by highly complex single component manufacturing, tool and mould construction requires new tools to be assembled based on individual parts. This is why transparent tool organisation is indispensable for ensuring the tool and mould construction process functions efficiently.

With ZOLLER’s z.One central tool database and TMS, virtual and real tool data is combined to ensure that the right data is available at all stages during the process- from the CAD/CAM to the machine. This allows for manufacturers to develop a clearly defined tool assembly process with single components in part lists within the tool management systems, forming the basis for programming a realistic milling strategy followed by simulation.

Offering interfaces to all current CAM systems ensures that separate storage of tool data in the CAM system is eliminated. Furthermore, even if a company uses a number of CAM systems they can be integrated in parallel without the need for any additional work, allowing for the full connectivity of production processes.

However, this alone isn’t always enough to guarantee that all problems are solved. For example, programming target tool data can oftentimes stray from matching up to the actual measured data, to tackle this problem ZOLLER has specifically created the toolrealityCheck measuring program.

Tool Management Solutions ensures efficiency right down the line, linking virtual and real tool data from order right through to delivery. The venturion 450 presetting and inspection machine teamed with the toolrealityCheck measuring program ensures a guaranteed collision-free production routine.

Avoid Collisions with ZOLLER Technology

toolrealityCheck facilitated a fast tool collision test by comparison of the real tool contour against the tool used in the original simulation. It conducts this process by mapping the real actual tool contour on the rotating tool, in order to reflect a real processing situation. Thus ensuring collisions are avoided entirely.

The operator need only enter the storage locations for the target tool contour that is needed. The measuring program then automatically approaches the starting point and measures the entire tool contour, whilst rotating the tool as it would in the machine. The results are then displayed declaring the tool as Green or Red, with Green indicating to go ahead and Red warning of a potential collision. toolrealityCheck is as simple as that, making it clear, fast and coherent to all users.

Why choose ZOLLER UK?

You won’t have to go anywhere else, ZOLLER UK supply everything you need to ensure your machining process is optimal, both now and in the future. From tool presetting and inspection, specialised measuring programs, collision testing, intuitive interfaces, and complete connection to all current CAM systems, ZOLLER provides solutions based on a central tool database and- as an advantage to all users- all from a single source.