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Improved Process Control Through Tool Presetting is ‘Flawless’

An Engineering Firm Says an Investment in World-Leading Tool Presetting Technology is Helping to Ensure the Delivery of High-Class Components to its Customers on Time, Every Time.

Blackpool-based Addison Precision has improved the speed, accuracy, reliability and quality of its manufacturing processes with the Venturion 450, a robust system equipped for the rigours of the shop floor and supplied by ZOLLER UK.


Through the non-contact, offline inspection of all aspects of a tool prior to machining, the Venturion has brought ultimate data consistency and control to a business with ambitions for further growth.


Don Hopper, Special Projects Manager at Addison Precision, said: “We use a lot of PCD-type tools which, if you touch them with metal, can be damaged, so the idea of a contactless measuring system is absolutely brilliant.

“All of our guys are really happy with the ZOLLER interface – the way they communicate with the machine is via touch-screen and they’re just amazed at what it’s capable of doing.

“It’s enabled us to have more accurate detail of what we’ve actually set. We’re measuring tool run-out, which is a very important thing when we’re trying to maintain sizes on reamers and boring bars and things like that.”

As the only company in the country dedicated exclusively to tool presetting and inspection equipment, ZOLLER UK’s know-how and impartiality is unrivalled.

By introducing increased efficiency and improved output to their production cycles, businesses are guaranteed a rapid return on investment as well as a significant boost in reliability and reputation.

Mr Hopper said: “We’ve come up with a system where we measure the tools with the ZOLLER, we save that to a file on the network and that’s then downloaded directly into the machine control. So there’s no manual operator input and that’s a big step forward.

“It’s reassuring that you’ve checked everything, because before with lasers we could only check tool length and the biggest diameter without a lot of additional programming.”

With more than 100 full-time engineers, Addison Precision delivers bespoke engineered components and assemblies to the aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, printing, oil and gas, military transport and mining industries.

Mr Hopper added: “I would recommend ZOLLER. Our experience has been flawless. They came in, installed the equipment, moved it into position, made sure everything was correct, calibrated it and then we got a comprehensive two-day training package. It was very, very useful.

“When we’ve asked for help they’ve always been there – it’s just been great.”

Based in Foston, near Derby, ZOLLER UK is part of the Carfulan Group, which specialises in providing the most advanced complementary manufacturing technology solutions available.