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Introducing the NEW ZOLLER Tool Presetters with True Added Value

Experience Streamlined Presetting Like Never Before

The World’s leading manufacturer of premium tool presetting and inspection equipment, introduces the latest venturionsmileCompact and smile systems with new and improved designs, made with the same uncompromising quality from ZOLLER.

With an unbeatable combination through optimal ergonomics, comprehensive hardware and intelligent software functionality, you will experience accurate and streamlined tool presetting like never before. ZOLLER’s new range guarantee highly precise measuring results for every tool, and more importantly creates true added economic value.

venturion 450

»venturion 450« with Optimised Ergonomics

The functional design of the operating elements, and the separate ergonomic »cockpit« operating unit, combine to create true added value and unique operating comfort to suit any manufacturing environment.

»venturion 450« showcases ZOLLER’s futuristic redesign of the classic »eQ« one-hand control handle, with a new and ergonomically adapted form and integrated LED light, enabling pre-programmed functionalities like spindle clamping with use of a new function button.

Equipped for the highest demands, the »venturion« offers professionals the maximum flexibility required for the greatest precision within their manufacturing processes. With features that include the high-precision »ace« spindle, high-end camera technology for even the smallest tool geometries, additional options such as the RFID tool identification function for reliable process data transmission, as well as comprehensive software capabilities, this device provides a precision setting, measuring and inspection solution for every application.


»smileCompact« the Mini-must-have for Beginners in Tool Presetting

Ideal for small operations or as a secondary device, the »smileCompact« is designed for simple and efficient tool presetting. This entry-level, micron-precise system offers unrivalled cost-effectiveness with maximum performance.

The New Range of »smile« Caters for all

Manufacturers can choose from a variety of measuring ranges and image processes with the new range of »smile« tool presetting and inspection devices. Accommodating measuring ranges of of 350 to 800 mm maximum tool length and tool diameters of 320 to 620 mm, as well as a choice of three powerful image processing technologies, the new »smile« offers unmatched precision for a vast range of  applications. Guaranteeing the right performance range manufacturers are able to choose from »pilot 1.0«- the basic version for simple presetting and measuring of standard tools; »pilot 2 mT« with modern touch-operation technology and user-specific menu guidance; and »pilot 3.0«, which covers the entire bandwidth of tool measuring, inspection and management.

Be Ready for the Future with Networked Manufacturing

All ZOLLER presetting and measuring devices are ready for the networked manufacturing of the future, creating added economical value for today, and new prospects for tomorrow. Enabling advanced process security attributed to intelligent software developed in-house, as well as the highest level of security standards.

ZOLLER systems securely and reliably transmit tool data to machines made by any manufacturer, alongside third party systems. From ERP and CAM systems, to cabinet and lift systems, all can be networked easily with ZOLLER technology. Through focusing on the future, the requirements of Industry 4.0 tomorrow are already a reality today.