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Maximise Your Presetting and Tooling Process With TMS

Complete Tool Management Solutions from ZOLLER

The most significant manufacturing efficiencies can be achieved and maintained in everyday production operations through the simple integration of tool management solutions (TMS) alongside your ZOLLER tool presetting and measurement machine.

As the part-to-part process reveals across all tasks, from CAD model to the end component, the common denominator is always the associated cutting tools.

Small-to-medium sized machine shops will take a 3D model from the customer, the CAM engineer will assess the data and product the necessary NC program, of which the most important part of this process is identifying what parametric tooling will be required to make the part.


With the use of a tool presetter combined with TMS this operation is made significantly easier. TMS essentially provides its operator with a tool database where parametric information can be taken from tool manufacturers’ catalogues, allowing CAM engineers to create tool assemblies with ease. All tools and tool components are recorded at a single point, saved and managed by the software and TMS can also include actual physical tools that are scanned in 3D with your tool presetting and measurement system. Subsequently resulting in significant time savings at this stage of the process.