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Offline tool setting: the ace in your manufacturing pack

In today’s volatile and highly uncertain marketplace, making decisions to invest in new manufacturing technology can sometimes feel like a gamble.

Should you stick with the CNC machine tools and business model you already have, catering for your existing customers but restricting your potential to grow and take on new orders?

Or should you twist by risking spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on a new machine tool to increase operational capacity, but with no guarantees around customer demand or workflows?

But what if there was a better way – an option that freed up capacity on your existing machine tool assets without the need for major investment, so that you could confidently say ‘yes’ to new orders?

Why is offline tool setting disrupting the market?

You can be sure that your rivals are doing everything they can to win business and improve the services they offer, including investing in the latest technologies.

You don’t want to find yourself left behind, unable to meet demands around product quality and volumes, or – even worse – letting down a customer and damaging your relationship with them.

mrt castings utlising offline tool setting

Can you afford NOT to be setting your tools offline?

We know that UK manufacturers are good at what they do. You measure tool set-ups directly on your CNC machine tool, utilising laser technology and the expertise of your engineers to ultimately make great products for your customers.

But just because the system isn’t broke, does that mean you shouldn’t improve it?

Offline tool setting complements the skills of your existing workforce, empowering them to work smarter. It maximises your production capacity and therefore unleashes potential, helping to turn a good businesses into a great one.

By guaranteeing right-first-time products, presetting provides both new and existing customers with complete confidence in your company, as well as helping to increase efficiency, drive throughput and reduce waste.

The presetting payout

With offline tool setting technology, and regardless of the size of the business, calculating its impact in terms of a return on investment is simple.

Trained engineers can quickly assess the ‘dead time’ caused by CNC machine tool changeovers, before making an accurate estimate of the time and therefore money that could be save in a week, month and year by introducing offline tool setting processes to the operation.

We guarantee you’ll be amazed by the results. A presetting machine can pay for itself very quickly based on efficiency gains within the manufacturing environment.

You don’t have to take our word for it – discover how Swiftool Precision Engineering and Ondrives both maximised their productivity following the implementation of tool presetting technology, united their CNC machine tools and achieved incredible upturns in product quality.

Download our eBook to discover the many benefits of offline tool setting for your business.

The benefits of offline tool setting