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Production Perfection for the Future of Tool Making

Tool grinding is a production process that demands absolute precision.

In common with the rest of the manufacturing industry, however, tool producers are having to strike the balance of meeting narrower tolerances while achieving improved flexibility, speed and quality control.

To work effectively in the modern arena, businesses must optimise their factories and production lines – and that’s where ZOLLER UK’s holistic solutions really excel.

Keeping everything in line – the best choice for efficient grinding

High-quality, correctly assembled grinding wheels are essential for turning out accurate tools and establishing efficient machining processes.

With ZOLLER technology, users are offered everything they need to economically measure and manage grinding wheels in a single package.

From the initial inspection of the tools to be ground, through pre-setting and measurement to complete storage solutions, everything is connected through one central tool database.

Specialised measurement and management programs for grinding wheels offer top-class results with minimum fuss, each and every time.

Total control, from start to finish

ZOLLER’s pomBasic device excels in the process-oriented inspection of tools.

Compact, ergonomic and robust, it is suited to all manufacturing environments, from goods in and inspection rooms to the shop floor, next to CNC grinding machines.

Intuitive image processing and contact-free measurement avoids damage to cutting edges and documents their condition, offering detailed reports at the touch of a button and making this universal solution as fast and precise as it is simple.

Essentially, the pomBasic digitalises traditional tool inspection and reporting routines, making the whole process considerably quicker, free from error and unerringly accurate.

When tools need to be reground, the regrind software module automatically sorts them into a separate pallet.

By streamlining production without compromising accuracy, the time and cost savings are immediate and considerable.

Everything in hand, in both reality and virtual reality

A grinding wheel program is used to complete fully automatic measurements easily and precisely on the pre-setting and measuring machine, according to FEPA standards – without any data input and independent of the individual operator.

This allows all grinding wheel parameters like diameter, angle, flange offset and corner radius to be measured.

Wheels can be saved and measured either individually or as a package, depending on their type and geometry.

Smart organising

With the grinding wheel management package, all the data required is available immediately, as are parts lists for configuration and assembly.

Storage location management is particularly practical when combined with ZOLLER Smart Cabinets, a range of manual or automated cabinets with advanced inventory software which provide a single-source solution to a company’s needs.

With no more manual searching, no more incorrectly stored items and no more down time due to missing tools or accessories, the Smart Cabinet range delivers time and cost savings by recording, measuring, managing, storing and inspecting all tools, components, materials and consumables throughout their entire lifecycle.

A monitor graphically displays the location of the grinding wheels required in 3D, allowing users to find them right away at the indicated location.

Finished and assembled grinding wheel packages can also be organised and stored in this way.

Uniform data throughout the process

The central z.One tool database from ZOLLER ensures consistency throughout production.

The GDX open data interface can be used to exchange data directly between the CAD/CAM system, ZOLLER measuring machines like the genius and the grinding machine.

Using ZOLLER tool management solutions, processes can be mapped. This affords grinders access to digital twins of every tool and every component at all times, allowing them to easily provide user data alongside the real tool.

The result: an optimal regrinding process

By achieving complete consistency, tool grinders have a strong handle on all their processes, from inspection through tool management and reporting to the CAM system and grinding machine.

This helps to ensure a business is fully armed for the networked manufacturing of the future and can profit immediately.

As quality increases so tool life is extended, set-up time is minimised, tool searches are eliminated and tool costs are reduced.

*Watch this video to see the pomBasic in action and learn more about its capabilities: