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Revolutionise Traditional Tool Inspection with the pomBasic

Change is Good – Especially When it Can Save You Time and Money

Discover a better way to inspect your tools with ZOLLER UK and the pomBasic

We get it. You and your company have used CMMs and shadowgraphs to inspect tools for donkey’s years.

The system isn’t broke, so why would you want to fix it?

But just hear us out.

At ZOLLER UK, we’re not about solving non-existent problems. What we are passionate about, though, is proving that there is a better way of working – a way that will revolutionise how tools are produced to such an extent that you’ll soon wonder why you hadn’t considered it a long time ago.


Take the pomBasic, which specialises in the process-oriented measuring of drills, milling cutters, countersinks and saw blades under incident light.

Compact, ergonomic and robust, the system is suited to all manufacturing environments, from goods in and inspection rooms to the shop floor, next to CNC grinding machines.

Intuitive image processing and contact-free measurement avoids damage to cutting edges and documents their condition, offering detailed reports at the touch of a button and making this universal solution as fast and precise as it is simple.


Essentially, the pomBasic digitalises traditional tool inspection and reporting routines, making the whole process considerably quicker, free from error and unerringly accurate.

When tools are right first time, every time, the cost and time savings are significant for businesses, which can also expect a rapid return on their initial investment with ZOLLER.

The pomBasic has been a game-changer for tool producers across the UK. Sheffield-based Lidsters – founded more than 50 years ago and catering for a variety of market sectors – has no less than three of the machines, which help it to deliver products made to unique customer specifications.

Exactaform Cutting Tools Ltd, based on the outskirts of Coventry in a brand new £5.8 million facility, has almost quadrupled its staff and turnover in the past five years. It uses a pomBasic to inspect its drills alongside two ZOLLER ‘genius’ tool pre-setting machines which, when compared with its legacy systems, save the company an estimated two hours over an average working day.

Managing Director John Inglis said: “ZOLLER has saved us time on inspection and it’s obviously saved us money, as staff can run a one-off before they run off 20, knowing that our machines will repeat time and time again.”

When it comes to managing regrinds, ZOLLER always delivers. It recently provided a bespoke interface solution for Coventry-based ANCA, meaning the tools it grinds can be measured and validated remotely, quickly and precisely to ensure they are of the right quality to create top-grade parts.

The ANCA machine simply transfers a data file to the ZOLLER system, which uses advanced ‘reGrind’ software to check all features of the tool against nominal values in a matter of just seconds.

The results are then automatically communicated straight back to the ANCA machine, which at the touch of a button can begin the re-grinding process to correct any errors that may have been discovered, ensuring 100 per cent tool accuracy.

As the only company in the UK and Ireland dedicated exclusively to supplying best-in-class tool presetting and inspection equipment, ZOLLER is unique in its ability to offer impartial, unrivalled expertise and support to your business.

*Watch this video to see the pomBasic in action and learn more about its capabilities: https://youtu.be/nFvGa5_pKOs

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