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Set, Measure & Save with ZOLLER’s Data Transfer Solution

The Efficient Solution for Tool Identification and Data Transfer

Designed specifically for small to medium companies, the new ZOLLER identification code is an efficient solution for tool identification and data transfer. zidCode simplifies the identification and data transfer process, making it more economical.

Network connection is not required when using zidCode software due to its unique data transfer procedure. Instead, following the presetting and measurement process, data taken from measurement of the tool is encoded in a QR code which is only scanned using the reader. Immediately the data is automatically transferred to the CNC machine, eliminating manual data entry process errors, with the ultimate aim of improving your production performance and efficiency.

data transfer

Manual data entry and typos are finally a thing of the past.

The simplified process allows for tools to be measured using your ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine, then all data is encrypted in a QR code and printed on a label. This QR code has been designed to be scanned with the reader, automatically entering the data into the appropriate fields on the CNC machine controls.

zidCode key features include:

  • Typos eliminated through secure, error-free data transmission
  • Avoidance of machine crashes
  • Very well suited for upgrading turning and milling machines and for machining centres
  • Perfect applications for turning lathes, since no RFID technology is included
  • Complete tool data under control
  • Up to 45% time savings
  • More flexibility in conversions
  • No network required
  • Ideal for all machine types