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Improving your tool management processes

At the centre of ZOLLER Tool Management Solutions (TMS) is this promise to manufacturers – get the right tool, in the right place, at the right time.

It is achieved through a user-friendly, versatile, secure and intuitive system capable of uniting all existing assets and integrating seamlessly into overall business processes.

tool management processes

From design to finished part, TMS links all stages of the manufacturing process via a single database – CAD/CAM department, warehouse, purchasing, machines, maintenance, quality control and the ZOLLER tool presetting and measuring system.

Effective tool management points the way to Industry 4.0 and delivers incredible efficiencies. Here are six reasons why you should be doing it…


  1. Reduced set-up times – Even at entry level, ZOLLER TMS helps to alleviate costly threats. Alongside the production of set-up sheets that inform machine operators of the critical tools needed to complete a given task, the basic package can also enable offline programming away from the shop floor. When you need a tool you’ll always know where it is, while control-specific data output avoids costly machine entry errors.


  1. Stockroom cost savings – Failing to adequately manage tooling means unnecessary risk. With a drawer full of drills, how do you know which one is best suited to the job in hand, or indeed if any of them are? With TMS you can see which tools are used, and how often. That means you only need order what is really required.


  1. Increased productivity – Modular bronze, silver and gold TMS software packages are easy to implement and freely expandable, offering a flexibility that can be tailored to your specific needs and grow with your business. Optimised tool circulation, close monitoring of tool life and well-utilised machines lead to productivity increases and cost savings.


  1. Better organisation – Planned processes with quantifiable cycle times and efficient control ensure smart process management. The TMS interface can integrate all third-party systems easily, from the ERP and CAM system via cabinet and lift systems through to machines, with wide and varied tool identification methods (RFID, chip, barcode, data matrix code).


  1. Less machine down time – Time is money. Through the accurate assessment of tool longevity, and by always having the correct tools in operation, tool breakages and costly machine crashes are avoided. Production need never stop, so profitability is maximised.


  1. Guaranteed production quality – A reliable supply of precisely managed tools means optimal cutting speeds. When tools are performing to their maximum potential, you can be sure that your production line will turn out quality products each and every time.


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