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The Ultimate Helical Tool Measurement Solution: threadCheck

Precise, Optical Tool Measurement of Even the Smallest and Most Intricate Geometries

As various tapping tools increase in versatility, so too does their demand. Hand in hand with this demand requires a measurement capability ensuring that these tools can carry out micron-precise cutting due to previous conventional measuring methods’ inability to check thread tapping tools. This is why ZOLLER developed the threadCheck system, specifically for the measurement of thread tapping tools. At the click of a button you can experience automatic, precise, optical tool measurement of even the smallest and most intricate geometries.


Featuring an additional axis, threadCheck is designed predominantly for the measurement of tapping tools. Its ability to accurately measure threaded tools as well as all other precision tools without distortion adds to its name as a Universal Measuring Machine. Carrying out fast part measurement simply, efficiently and with micron-precision, threadCheck is able to measure the small, intricate and oftentimes complex geometries of tapping tools. Which when using conventional measurement methods can be generally time-consuming and generates imprecise data more often than not.

As the latest universal measuring machine brought to you by ZOLLER, this system extends the functions already available with its predecessor, the globally tried and tested genius series. However the threadCheck system differentiates from the »genius« with its additional sixth axis and full automated pivot-mounted optics carrier, which works to eliminate all trace of distortion. threadCheck is a robust, versatile, and easy-to-use system, capable of measuring all conventional metal cutting tools with absolute precision.

Its slim-line design incorporates full cladding in order to protect it from extraneous light and dirt allowing for its placement within any production environment. While machine operation requires minimal training due to the system’s operational simplicity, including high level automation and intuitive functionality alongside its integrated pilot 3.0 user interface, which offers additional expandable functions to suit your measurement routine requirements.

pilot3 (1)

With specialist thread measurement programs, contour, shape, and profile at the radial relief point are located, focused and output in a four-step operation. Helical tooth flanks are also measured with ease and to the highest standard of precision right down to the micron level, even when measuring ultra-complex flanks reliefs.

The micron-precise recording of tooth flank geometry features such as pitch, point diameter, flank angle, chamfer angle, back taper, relief and more, is a simple task for threadCheck. With the sixth CNC axis and pivot-mounted multi-sensor optics carrier, the system is perfectly equipped for contactless measurement of thread tapping tools, including gear measuring programs that are accurate in every detail to photographic standards.

Each individual thread tooth measurement is summarised in supporting documentation, recorded during machine operation. During re-measurement of individual parameters, data of individual measuring processes in a targeted manner is easily accessible, therefore it is unnecessary to measure the entire tool again.

Collected data shown to be outside tolerance are colour-coded in order to highlight and subsequently reduce errors scrap and time. This collected data allows manufacturers to provide documentation detailing product quality as well as playing an important role in accelerating and improving production line processes.

Integral to threadCheck is its standard feature of automated and seamless report generation. Via the ZOLLER database with interfaces to all commonly used third-party systems, threadCheck transmits data to other areas of the production process. Allowing you to always retain a consistent overview of current actual data per individual tool, which can then be recombined at intervals within production stages. This type of data collection is important because it is usually executed at the end of a sequence of manufacturing operations, which can often result in very costly mistakes. Machine downtime as a result of input errors is subsequently eliminated.


To ensure your production line processes are optimal, »threadCheck« can be supplemented with a tool management solution, allowing users to record and manage grinding wheels as well as grinding wheel packages. Detailed information about the grinding wheel can be stored and set up to carry out fast and efficient tool measurement, and tools can be assembled virtually from any location via the TMS connection.

The threadCheck universal measuring machine for metal cutting and tapping tools is the ultimate tool measurement solution for new developments within the manufacturing sector. This system is configured to enable its adaption to suit additional measurement requirement, both now and in the future.

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