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This Entry-Level Model Scores with its Cost-Effectiveness at Maximum Performance

SmileCompact Presetting and Measuring Machine

Introducing absolute precision with the new SmileCompact from ZOLLER. Offering easy operation and fast results, SmileCompact is equipped with high quality, best-brand components, as well as intuitive pilot 1.0 image processing software. This system provides everything you need to preset and measure standard tools.



SmileCompact is specifically designed for the tool requirements of medium and small batch sizes or as a second device for simple tool presetting. With micron-precision results, your production process will benefit from a significantly reduced reject rate and maximised part performance.

Its compact and robust tabletop design is built to withstand the rigours of the shop floor environment, allowing for new smileCompact to be placed directly next to the CNC machine.

Standard parameters such as length, diameter, radius, angle, concentricity, and axial run-out can be measured in just seconds using integrated ZOLLER pilot 1.0 touch screen operating technology, enabling fast, enhanced functionality and user-independent application. Whilst the machine’s ergonomic design aids operator comfort and usability.

Measuring ranges for a maximum tool length of 350 to 800 mm are available with the SmileCompact, as well as tool diameters from 320 to 620 mm.

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