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Top 10 Benefits of ZOLLER

Top 10 Benefits of Zoller

ZOLLER delivers the most advanced tool presetting and measurement systems available, guaranteeing optimisation of your workflow and improving your overall manufacturing performance. But how does it accomplish this? Read our top ten benefits of Zoller below.

  • An All-In-One Solution

Everything you need to measure, inspect and manage your cutting tools and components can be handled through ZOLLER. From a single source we offer you unrivalled expertise and comprehensive service.

  • Non-Stop Innovation

Our technology never stops evolving, offering you continuous technological development to meet your unique demands. With functionality and precision at the core of the ZOLLER range, you will never be left short of options on how we can improve your workflow and performance.

  • Generations of Experience

With 75 years of experience in tool measuring technology across three generations, ZOLLER is a family-led company committed to the customer experience. Each machine has been perfectly crafted to do any job required of it.

  • Reproducible Precision

ZOLLER delivers the precision you need on a daily basis. Offering continuous measurements of ±2μm, you can be confident in delivering perfect tools and parts to your clients.


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  • Easy To Operate

ZOLLER solutions are designed to be quickly implemented across your business. You can expect precise results safely, quickly and conveniently, independent of the machine operator, enhancing your reputation and saving you money.

  • High-End Quality & Performance

The production floor can be a harsh environment. However, thanks to the use of high-quality brand-name components, ZOLLER machines are robust and long-lasting, guaranteeing top-level performance in all scenarios.

The future of your business relies on clearly defined tool data and sophisticated data management, all networked with other manufacturing elements. ZOLLER products have been designed to be integrated easily into existing production processes, interfacing with any CNC machine control system and making transferring tool data automatically, reliably and securely an efficient process.

  • First Class Customer Service

With 59 international locations, ZOLLER’s established network enables us to provide you with a personalised service. We can prove how ZOLLER can benefit your company for years to come.


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  • Security for the Future

With ZOLLER, you’ll never be left behind. Modular, flexible and adaptable systems allow you to easily make the most of technological advancements in both hardware and software. Your machine will always stay the top of its game.

  • Rapid Return on Investment

Reduced scrap, shorter set-up times and increased service life of the CNC machine – you’ll quickly see a return on your investment with ZOLLER. We calculate a typical average saving of around £11,000 per machine, year and shift.


These are just some of the benefits of ZOLLER for your business. Enquire today to receive a personal consultation, either at our state-of-the-art showroom or on-site at your location. We look forward to meeting you.

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