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Top 6 New ZOLLER Products For Optimised Manufacturing

Top 6 tools specifically made to optimise your manufacturing processes, setting the stage for innovation leading into Industry 4.0.



ZOLLER’s new software module specifically for wear measurements, enables economical regrinding operations.

pomBasic was introduced by ZOLLER in 2013 as a compact universal basic tool inspection device, and with the new reGrind module ,it can now be used for regrinding of any precision tools as an electronic caliper gauge. Making your manufacturing process much more efficient.

Prior to the grinding process, the tool is checked for wear and dimensions are measured in a user-guided manner which enable the process to be fast and safe with added operator security. The wear of the tool is determined and allocated to a corresponding pallet location- forming the basis for machining during the regrinding process.

Fast, process-reliable and error-free data is transmitted from the grinding machine to the controller, and therefore there is no need for manual data entry at this point. This process improves time conventionally taken to regrind tools through only regrinding tools when required by actual wear, maximising tool service life and saving money.


Pilot 1.0

The latest image processing technology, pilot 1.0 offers complete functionality in measuring and presetting standard tools fast and more effortlessly. Features include automatic cutter shape and measuring range detection alongside navigation system »compass« as well as the projector function and cutting edge inspection crs360 to determine the effective cutting area of tools, and a clear representation of the tool cutting edge on a 13.3 panel PC.

Easy to operate with real time measurement results in the camera’s field of vision, pilot 1.0 is a workshop-compatible model with standard integrated measuring functions including longitudinal, cross dimensions, radius, two-angle technology alongside concentricity and run-out.


pilot 1.0 works well alongside the smile tool presetter, creating a robust machine for use on the shop floor next to CNC machines, in processing and test centres, or in measurement rooms for ease of access.

optimised manufacturing with zoller

‘Turning Advisor’ Sofware Function

Turning and Milling operations are made faster with our new ‘Turning Advisor’- assisting your presetting processes through allowing the operator to define a variety of tool positions on turn mill machines, thus eliminating the need to set up adaptors on the machine and improving time efficiency during turning and milling machining operations.

The ‘Turning Advisor’ allows you to prepare for every machining situation by allowing you to determine every possible tool position with adaptors, installation with counting directions and cutting edge positions.


RoboSet 2

The roboSet 2 compact automation loading solution is design as a space-saving alternative to its predecessor the roboSet.

The new roboSet 2 offers automated loading for genius and titan designed in mind of saving significant floor space by reducing the original roboSet’s size without compromising performance and can be fitted with laser or ultrasound cleaning upon request.

The Smart Automation Compact Solution for Efficient Tool Measurement

roboSet 2 features include a new double gripper making it faster than ever before whilst also being able to cover even larger series in unmanned production, manufacturing and quality assurance operations, due to its multi-pallet system capable of taking a large number of tools.



Designed specifically for small to medium companies, the new ZOLLER identification code is an efficient solution for tool identification and data transfer. zidCode simplifies the identification and data transfer process, making it more economical.

Network connection is not required when using zidCode software due to its unique data transfer procedure. Instead, following the presetting and measurement process, data taken from measurement of the tool is encoded in a QR code which is only scanned using the reader. Immediately the data is automatically transferred to the CNC machine, eliminating manual data entry process errors, with the ultimate aim of improving your production performance and efficiency.

zidCode-ZOLLER optimised manufacturing


digitalTwin Software Module

Manufacturers implementing ZOLLER products are ensuring that they are equipped for future developments. With Smart Manufacturing on the rise and Industry 4.0 just around the corner, manufacturers now require digital twins of physical tools in order for production processes to evolve.

ZOLLER’s new digitalTwin technology generates a digital copy of the physical component allowing manufacturers to prepare production runs much more intelligently as well as create and manage tool data more efficiently. The digitalTwin software module aids your machining processes by allowing you to pre-plan how your production operation will perform.

This newly developed technology benefits tool manufacturers as well as grinding and sharpening companies, allowing for customers to receive physical documented quality alongside its corresponding digital twin conforming to DIN 4000, as well as the added benefit of being able to create both 2D and 3D tool models using DIN 4000/ISO 13399 parameters.

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