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Top 7 reasons to preset your tools

Presetting your tools has a wide range of benefits, that can help improve your throughput and productivity. Here are 7 reasons why you should be presetting your tools.


1. Preset tools offline

Your tooling process is uninterrupted so that setting your tools does not impact on your productivity. This process maximises your production throughput with the reduction of machine downtime, ensuring you manufacture products at a faster rate without compromise of optimal product quality.

2. Increased tooling precision

The combination of our micron precise measurement technology alongside integral software will result in maximised productivity, optimal performance and a subsequent reduction in costly waste. Increased tooling precision ensures optimal part performance, which will in turn generate increased customer satisfaction through the consistent delivery of the highest quality products on the market.

3. Maximised tool longevity

With the increase in machining precision you can expect to experience when using a ZOLLER presetter, you can also anticipate longer tool lifespans, which in effect will improve your production efficiency by reducing unnecessary costs spent on replacement tools when previous tool life has not been maximised.

4. Tool Management Solutions (TMS)

Providing the complete management of tool data, enabling you to optimise tool use and plan your tool needs. TMS not only gives you flexibility through tool management from the office or directly at the presetting machine, but also offers centralised data storage and seamless integration with other interfaces of different operating systems.

smart cabinets - preset your tools


5. Reduces number of tools required

With the combination of your new tool presetting and measurement machine alongside accompanying software solutions, you will benefit from a reduction of tools needed in your production line. Making existing tools easier to locate with great improvement to overall tool management.

6. Avoid machine crashes

Measured and preset tools help in avoiding machine crashes through automatic zero point monitoring as well as calibration of the presetter within tool management. Presetting and measurement machines are able to directly transfer measurement data from the preset tool to the CNC machine, thus avoiding human inputting errors and avoiding expensive machine crashes.

7. Saving money and time

Through minimising machine downtime by on average 15% you can expect to save time usually dedicated to tool changes which can then be converted into production time. Therefore through saving time and money within the production process, especially on waste and tool breaks, your production processes become much more efficient. This then enables manufacturers to optimise productivity and subsequently increase profitability.

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