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UK Tool Management Exclusive is The Icing on Open-House Cake

A ZOLLER UK Tool Management Exclusive; Smart Cabinets

Imagine if you could record, measure, manage, store and inspect all of your company’s tools, components, materials and consumables throughout their entire lifecycle, all at a few clicks of a mouse button.


No more manual searching, no more incorrect storage and no more down time due to missing stock needed to carry out the job in hand.

Thanks to the very latest addition to ZOLLER’s product portfolio, you won’t have to use your imagination any longer – and there’ll be an exclusive chance to see the new range in action this month.

For the very first time on these shores, at its base in Derbyshire, ZOLLER UK will have »Smart Cabinets« on display for visitors to its open house event.

The storage cabinets, linked to ZOLLER tool management software, present users with a comprehensive and easily navigable overview of their inventory at all times.

By offering a smart storage solution that allows items to be located quickly on a consistent software interface, »Smart Cabinets« are guaranteed to save businesses time and money.

As well as complete tool management solutions, ZOLLER UK specialises in precision tool presetting and inspection, helping to ensure tools are of the right quality to create accurate and quality parts prior to machining.

It already supplies machines and software across sectors including automotive, aerospace, petrochemical and medical, taking pride in its ability to offer suppliers and manufacturers of all shapes and sizes technology that can help them make products better, faster and cheaper.

ZOLLER UK is inviting both existing and potential customers to its open house to experience first-hand how they could benefit from the very latest developments on the market.

Alongside live demonstrations from the firm’s engineering professionals, the event will also feature products from trusted partners Openmind, Kyocera Unimerco and CG Tech, covering computer-aided design and manufacturing solutions as well as cutting tool servicing, maintenance and verification.

Among the machines on display will be the pomBasic, Genius 3, Venturion 450 and the new Smile Compact. Products come with pre-installed software that helps to provide a complete tool management solution by making stock quantities, stock location, tool life data and work schedules available across all departments of a business.

The »Smart Cabinets« announcement is the icing on top of an already impressive cake.

ZOLLER UK is part of the Carfulan Group and the open house takes place between 9.30am and 4pm on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 14 and 15, at its Advanced Innovation Centre on the Tomlinson Business Park in Woodyard Lane, Foston. It is free to attend and refreshments and lunch will be provided.