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What is Heat Shrinking?

When operating machine tools, there’s a myriad of variables and factors to consider; the accuracy of your tool data, the condition of your tools, and the security of their fixture to the machine.

In the case of the latter, there are numerous problems that can occur if tools are not properly secured into their holders. That’s where heat shrinking presents a reliable solution.

What is Heat Shrinking?

Heat shrinking involves using a source of very high heat, such as an induction coil, to expand the tool holder. The desired tool is then placed inside and a cooler is applied to safely contract the metal once more.

This forms an incredibly tight 360° grip around the tool. With ZOLLER machines, the entire process of heating and cooling takes less than a minute, meaning tool changes are quick and easy whilst yielding a very strong final result.

Why Heat Shrink?

Heat shrink holders do not need collets, meaning the tightening of the collet nut is eliminated as a potential source of human error. The holders heat and cool uniformly, providing a balanced and uniform performance.

The rigidity of the heat-shrunk connection to the tool results in less vibration, meaning smoother cuts and fewer risks to tolerances. Sufficient taper contact helps to ensure minimal runout and, ultimately, greater accuracy and reliability.

ZOLLER’s PowerShrink and Redomatic machines feature these heating induction coils with gas flue extractors to protect the operator’s health from noxious fumes produced by the heating process. The PowerShrink features a modular design for individual adjustments and universal usability for all HSS and hard metal tools from 3 to 32mm diameter.

The Redomatic is an all-in-one adjustment, shrinking, and measuring solution. This means that the process of inspecting and measuring tools for accurate data can be intertwined with heat shrinking, ensuring that your tools are securely held, accurately measured, and ready to complete jobs with unprecedented precision.

Consistency of set up means confidence in the accuracy of the work and a right-first-time reputation for your shop floor.

Contact our experts at ZOLLER UK today and put us to the challenge. Whatever the tool, whatever the job, we’ve got a way to make your work cheaper and more efficient.