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What is zidCode?

ZOLLER’s zidCode system takes the process of recording and inputting tool data, making it suitably streamlined, easy, and accurate for the modern shopfloor.

The paperless process is quick and easy to run through. First, set and measure the chosen tool on your ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine. Once the tool dimensions have been taken, a label is printed. This label displays both the actual tool data and a QR code, which can then be scanned into your CNC machine control using a simple-to-fit USB scanner.

Scanning the label will populate the control UI’s fields with the relevant information automatically. Once the information has been entered and quickly verified, load the tool and use without fear of errors or crashes. The process takes no time at all and is easily repeatable.

The zidCode system gives manufacturers a confident step into digitised manufacturing without expensive retrofitting or needing to train operators in complex, time-consuming systems. No networking is required, with all data existing on the machines themselves and the QR codes.

Eliminate typos and input errors, whilst also reducing the time taken to enter data and freeing up time that was previously spent on correcting mistakes. Scanning tools in with zidCode presents an average time saving of 45% over manual entry, which is more time to aim at productive tasks and a more efficient workflow.

zidCode can be taken further with other ZOLLER smart systems and solutions. The autoIDscan system can automatically scan the QR codes directly on the spindle of the presetting and measuring machine. The zidCode system can be connected to a network via Bluetooth and used in conjunction with the idTransporter tool cart. Tool Management Systems merge perfectly with zidCode to provide even better and more organised working.

zidCode is just one of the streamlined, innovative solutions that ZOLLER UK can introduce to your shopfloor. To find out more about digitising your processes and reaping the benefits, speak to our engineers today.