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Who are ZOLLER UK?

ZOLLER UK are the sole representative for ZOLLER in the UK and Ireland. ZOLLER’s machines are amongst the most advanced tool inspection, measurement, and presetting solutions in the world.

ZOLLER was established in Germany in 1945 as a mechanical workshop. Guided by values in innovation, long-term planning, and a pioneering spirit, the brand has become a global leader in manufacturing solutions that maximise efficiency and streamline workflows.

Tool measurement and inspection are incredibly important for work involving CNC and cutting machines. The condition and remaining life of a tool are vital pieces of information that can help machine operators stay prepared. Presetting allows tools to be prepared ahead of use whilst another tool completes its jobs.

This staggering of tasks helps a shop floor make more of its time. ZOLLER UK aim to help with just that; keeping manufacturing and production lean and efficient. Capturing accurate tool data and effortlessly transferring it between machines informs the fast onset of Industry 4.0 practices.

ZOLLER’s machines allow manufacturing to take place with much more focus and accuracy. Precise geometric tool data leads to fewer crashes and errors when using machine tools. Tighter tolerances can be met, time is saved, and efficiency is heightened.

The Full Package with ZOLLER UK

The machines themselves present just a part of what ZOLLER UK offer. Storage solutions keep tools organised, secure, and easily retrievable without wasting hours of your time searching for them.

Training, support, and software upgrades are also available for all machines through ZOLLER UK’s dedicated team of experts. Their knowledge and experience have seen them form strong customer relationships with some of the largest engineering companies in the world.

ZOLLER machines quickly begin saving time and cost once they’re set up and running. Because of this, they present a fast return on investment. More money can be made from current machines without having to purchase new machine tools.

Get in touch and speak to an expert from ZOLLER UK today to learn more about faster, more efficient manufacturing.