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Why ZOLLER should be integral to achieving your manufacturing mission

Positioning themselves at the forefront on technological advancements is often what helps to bring high-performing businesses even further success.

Across 70 years of innovation, ZOLLER has been on a quest to help companies of all shapes and sizes to achieve greatness by delivering ultimate production efficiency in manufacturing.

Its world-leading tool presetting and inspection solutions deliver guaranteed time and cost savings. Setting tools offline with micron accuracy allows rapid changeovers and increases spindle-on time.

There’s simply no need for your machines to stop working or churning out high-quality parts first time, every time.

At ZOLLER we believe that, in modern manufacturing, businesses simply can’t afford NOT to be presetting their tools offline – and at the upcoming Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show in Hampshire, our engineers aim to prove it.

From February 5 to 7, 2019, we will be exhibiting the Venturion 450 on stand G190, giving visitors the chance to discover the potential benefits for themselves.

zoller venturion


Why choose the Venturion?

Perfected design, maximum ergonomics and state-of-the-art optics – the Venturion 450 is a superior tool presetting and inspection system that can be adapted to individual production flows.

Robust and equipped for the shop floor, this pioneering piece of technology caters for tools of all kinds and can be placed directly next to CNC machines. It stands for unrivalled accuracy, quicker manufacturing times and maximum productivity.

The Venturion’s unique functionality offers enhanced performance, leading to significant time and cost savings. Integral to the system is the ACE (Auto Clamping Element) spindle, which receives all tool workholding systems and delivers micron-precise results.

With the Venturion, tool measurement is just the beginning. Irrespective of which CNC machine controller you are using, the ZOLLER will seamlessly interface with it to make transferring tool data automatically, reliably and securely a straightforward process.

By uniting existing assets, increasing efficiency and improving access to statistical data, businesses are empowered to make decisions for their continuous improvement. It’s why ZOLLER is integral to Industry 4.0.

The machine’s performance is underpinned by ZOLLER’s most comprehensive software package, pilot 3.0, which redefines what is possible in real-time tool pre-setting and measurement performance.

With intuitive controls that can be operated easily, quickly and error-free by any employee, it is guaranteed to meet production needs both now and well into the future.

An unmatched range of features – from automatic cutting edge detection and high-resolution graphical user interface to huge tool data memory and intelligent help options – makes pilot 3.0 a solution for manufacturing success.

Built to last, built for ease of use, built for top-level performance. With a direct connection to external systems and the option of centrally managing tool data, the Venturion has everything that’s required to keep you ahead of the competition, both now and into the future.

People can register to visit Southern Manufacturing and Electronics at https://www.industrysouth.co.uk/register/