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How offline tool presetting shoots down machine setting myth

In hostile machining environments, it is essential that any variation is removed from the production process so that components meet the tight tolerances required in advanced industries, each and every time.

That’s why the efficient and accurate setting of cutting tools is the absolute cornerstone of precision manufacturing.

The best way to achieve it has been a bone of contention over the years, with many factories favouring on-machine laser or probe systems.

However, irrespective of its speed or accuracy, the belief that an on-machine system is the best and most cost-effective method of setting tools is a fallacy.

ZOLLER has specialised in offline tool presetting technology for more than seven decades, delivering instant and wide-ranging benefits for metal-cutting businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

Discover the benefits in the infographic below and decide for yourself whether on-machine tool setting matches up…


Offline tool presetting vs lasers infographic



That’s how technology supplied by ZOLLER – the only company in the UK dedicated exclusively to supplying tool presetting and inspection equipment – continues to turn good manufacturing operations into great ones, saving businesses money from the moment of installation.