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ZOLLER Announces Technology Premiere at GrindTec

Experts from the world’s leading tool presetting and inspection company are ready to share their knowledge with thousands of visitors at an international trade fair for grinding technology.

ZOLLER has installed more than 38,000 presetters and measurement machines worldwide, complemented by unrivalled software solutions, as part of its mission to help manufacturers make better products more efficiently.

Between March 14 and 17, at GrindTec 2018, engineers from ZOLLER will display some of its latest innovations alongside exhibitors from almost 30 countries.


These include the premiere of the new »mµFocus«, which makes it possible for manufacturers to measure both roughness and cutting edge preparation with a single device, with the highest degree of precision and reliability.

The best-in-class technology is particularly well suited for very smooth surfaces, such as metallic, and is supported by intuitive pilot 3.0 software for rapid results and graphical analysis.

Also to be unveiled is new and improved functionality on the pomBasic, a compact, ergonomic and robust universal five-axis tool inspection device that specialises in the process-oriented and contact-free measuring of drills, milling cutters and countersinks.

Using pomSoft software it is now possible to create measuring macros and allocate them a tool ID number. Operators just scan the tool and call up its ID – the saved data helps to bring the cutting tool into the right position in every measurement repetition, arming every user with knowledge of how tools need to be measured and thus leading to huge time savings.

Through its extended interfaces GDX2.0, GDX2.1 and to NUM, ZOLLER representatives will show how they are helping to satisfy the 100 per cent checking, traceability and process safety demands being placed on grinding and sharpening businesses as well as tool manufacturers, while reducing machine down times to a minimum.

In the UK and as part of the South Derbyshire-based Carfulan Group, ZOLLER is the only company solely dedicated to supplying tool presetting and analysis equipment, making it unique in its ability to offer impartial, unrivalled expertise and support.

The increased efficiency in production cycles enjoyed by users of its world-leading products elicits a rapid return on investment, in addition to a significant boost in reliability and reputation.

As well as ensuring tools are of the right quality to create accurate and top-grade parts prior to machining, ZOLLER also provides total tool management solutions to further streamline business processes.

Whether it’s for a small metal-cutting operation or an international-scale supplier or manufacturer, ZOLLER guarantees to deliver both smarter and quicker working methods, backed up by the highest level of service quality and customer care.

At GrindTec 2018, to be held at Messe Augsburg, Germany, ZOLLER will be based in hall 1 on stand 1020.