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ZOLLER Moves Forward into Industry 4.0

Secure data exchange takes place between the FANUC machine, the ZOLLER tool presetter, tool storage and other external machines with one central database in the form of z.One. This allows the unique identification, assignment, and management of tools with advanced functions to ensure maximum efficiency through complete communication of all systems.


Secure data transfer between all production systems is a basic need for moving forwards into Industry 4.0. Given the multitude of machine manufacturers and controller versions, this requirement is challenging to say the least. However, ZOLLER has proven the possibility for total connectivity through a range of advanced developments including transfer options between the presetter and machine tool. As the industry leader in presetting and inspection technology, ZOLLER has triumphed again with smart solutions on offer for every manufacturing need.

High-end manufacturing companies seek high-quality equipment that proves efficient and profitable, guaranteeing reliable data transfer for a streamlined production routine. This transfer is especially important between the tool presetter and machine tool because any errors present here could result in scrap product and are often the cause of machine crashes. ZOLLER recognises the importance of this communication and worked in close cooperation with machine tool manufacturers to develop the ultimate solutions. Whether a label, RFID chip, DataMatrix code, post processor, or higher-level production control system, ZOLLER has a solution for every company.

Start to build your smart factory with the ZOLLER zidCode identification device. A simple addition to turning machines, milling machines, and processing centres, zidCode doesn’t require network connection nor specific software installed on the machine controller. With USB connection on the keypad of the machine controller, the application is made extremely simple.

zidCode-ZOLLER optimised manufacturing

It works through presetting your tools using a ZOLLER tool presetting and inspection machine, then as data is collected it is encrypted in a QR code and printed on a label. This QR code is then simply scanned in using the associated reader, and the data is transferred and allocated into the appropriate reader fields on the machine controller.

The unique label solution, developed by ZOLLER for Schutte, INDEX and TRAUB machines, allows the data to be transmitted via either QR code, zidCode, or DataMatrix code. Manual data input is made a thing of the past and input errors are eliminated.

Furthermore, ZOLLER was able to develop another even smarter way to minimise machine downtime alongside FANUC and SCHUNK whereby the tool is identified by a DataMatrix code on the tool holder. Notes are put onto the specific tool indicating its current status, such as ‘replace tool’ or ‘set and measure’, ultimately making the process much smoother in choosing the right tool for the task at hand.

This ensure that tooling times are significantly reduced and crashes caused by incorrect tool data input are thus avoided entirely – the ideal goal of Industry 4.0.