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ZOLLER Tool Solutions: A Closer Look

ZOLLER’s tool solutions take a variety of approaches to ensure a tight, precise range of options.

With different positional approaches to tool measuring and presetting as well as methods for more secure machine set up, we’ll take a closer look at how ZOLLER tool solutions present themselves.

Vertical Devices

These machines hold the tool in an upright position for measuring. ZOLLER’s Smile and Venturion machines are ideal choices for their speed and ease of use, as well as their versatility for a range of cutting tools.

High-quality optics capture data such as tool vertical and horizontal dimensions, radii, angles, and more. A precise SK50 spindle ensures that tools are held securely to industry standard and runout can be reliably eliminated. With their sturdy construction and modest footprint, these vertical measuring machines are built to withstand production environments without taking up lots of floor space.

Horizontal Devices

The ZOLLER Hyperion is a one-stop solution for measuring turning machine tools. Whether for lathe machines, processing centres, or milling centres, the Hyperion is an essential all-rounder for turning tools.

A revolving table of solidly fitted tool holders provide flexibility and rapid tool changes. Different measuring programs accommodate for the measurement of reamers for valve seat machining, single cutting edge reamers with face cutting edges, and more.

The Hyperion presents the highest level of universality and in-depth turning tool inspection. Dual monitors provide an additional view of cutting edge image and cutter shapes. Autofocus and a rotary encoder aid with optical measurement and reading for helical pitch. All of this built onto a sturdy and shop floor-ready construction.

Shrink Solutions

Shrink fitting tools provides a level of security that is hard to beat. ZOLLER’s powerShrink is an inductive shrink unit that is safe, flexible, and fast, able to shrink tools in a maximum of ten seconds.

It bears universal usability for all HSS and hard metal tools from 3 to 32mm in diameter. With fast cooling in under a minute, tool shrinking becomes as efficient as it is secure. By using heat to expand and contract holders, tools can be fitted incredibly tightly. This grants a high degree of rotation accuracy, long service life, and reduced tool expenses. Shrink fitting enhances efficiency by creating a repeatable method of changing tools over quickly and ensuring their fit to exceptional accuracy, as well as ensuring very high gripping torque.

If an operator chooses to forgo cooling on the machine, tools can be left to air-cool whilst other jobs are carried out.

Tool Balancing

Balancing tools is vital to ensure that they don’t generate extra problems for your machine. Imbalance generates vibration and shortens the life of a spindle, and imbalance in a rotating body creates centrifugal force. The faster the rotation, the greater the effects of this force are felt.

Tool imbalance occurs when the rotating axis and the centre of gravity are not aligned. The distance to which this occurs is called eccentricity, a measurable value. Imbalance needs to be eliminated in a tool regardless of the operation RPM.

ZOLLER’s toolBalancer is a solution to combat imbalance with a modular design that can be adapted for individual requirements. Its simple operation and intuitive graphical interface make it an economic choice that presents a quick ROI for machine tool operators.

Special Solutions

With many specialised tools being utilised across the broad manufacturing landscape, specialised ZOLLER tool solutions are needed to measure and inspect these.

For crankshaft milling cutter tools, the Aralon and Gemini solutions exist. Aralon specifically measures cutters with internal cutting edges, whereas Gemini addresses milling cutters and rotary or broaching tools with external edges.

The Gemini can measure 120 cutting edges in as little as 80 seconds, with micron-level accuracy within a safe enclosure that protects the operator. ZOLLER’s pilot 3.0 visual processing software quickly and accurately provides full, automatic measurements.

For fine boring tools, the ZOLLER Phoenix allows presetting and measuring with micrometric precision. Pilot software support and a pneumatically supported tailstock aid the accurate measuring of such delicate yet high-impact pieces of kit.

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