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ZOLLER UK celebrates new collaboration with LPE Ltd.

Based in Beverley, just north of Hull, LPE supplies workshop equipment, tools, and consumables for a wide range of production environments. Recently, they spoke to ZOLLER UK about a new solution to their extensive range: the Smile.

Smile is just one of ZOLLER UK’s inspection and measuring solutions for shop floors. Designed to work universally, it suits all types of standard tools. It’s ideal for manufacturers that rely on machine work, with a precision spindle for mounting and inspecting cutting tools.

Andy Dyche, Sales Engineer for ZOLLER UK, said: “This is an exciting collaboration for us here at ZOLLER UK and for LPE’s customers. For any company involved in any sector of manufacturing, having machines such as the Smile range available to improve production is invaluable.

“Once customers see the ease of use, accuracy, and time saved when adding a ZOLLER offline presetter into the production process, it becomes an easy decision.”

Measured Success

Many of ZOLLER’s Industry 4.0-ready solutions enable tool presetting. Presetting cuts time off of cutting machine prep for amazing returns. It allows tool setters to prepare tools ‘offline’, i.e. away from the cutting machine they are to be used on. This quickly racks up hours of saved time as tools can be set whilst others are in active use.

Presetting solutions are also far more accurate than traditional methods. Setting using methods like touch-offs can’t account for tool features such as radii, cutting edge quality, or diameters. Measuring these factors helps to gauge the overall condition of a tool and the hours of usage left.

ZOLLER UK provides a wide range of ZOLLER’s tool inspection, measuring, and management solutions. Their team of dedicated industry experts have supplied and maintained strong customer relationships with world-leading engineering companies.

To learn more about ZOLLER UK’s presetting and tool measuring solutions, get in touch with our experts today.