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ZOLLER UK points the way to smarter manufacturing

ZOLLER UK, part of the Foston-based Carfulan Group, will exhibit its latest technology and perform live demonstrations at the two-day Seco Tools ‘Inspiration through Innovation’ event.

Held at Seco’s state-of-the-art Technology Centre in Warwickshire, the free-to-attend exhibition is focused on providing evidence of manufacturing best practice by bringing together some of the most forward-thinking professionals in the UK.


Working across sectors that include automotive, aerospace and orthopaedics, ZOLLER specialises in precision tool presetting and inspection, helping to ensure tools are of the right quality to create accurate and conforming parts prior to machining.

Not only does this eliminate human error and reduce down time, but better quality control also increases tool life, reduces tool costs and eliminates scrap.

Pre-installed software on ZOLLER machines also helps to provide a complete tool management solution for businesses of all sizes by making stock quantities, stock location, tool life data and work schedules available across all departments.

On display will be the smartCheck 450 machine, alongside the new smileCompact.

Leigh Tricklebank, Sales Manager for ZOLLER UK, which is exhibiting at Seco for a third consecutive year, said: “The beauty of our products is that there are significant benefits for businesses of all sizes, for both tool suppliers and manufacturers, as we offer immediate time and cost savings.

“Investing in Zoller is crucial for anyone wanting to solve the challenges of shorter production cycles, rapid changeovers and an increasing demand for part quality, and we look forward to discussing how people can achieve this at the show.”

Seco Tools’ ‘Inspiration through Innovation’ takes place between 9am and 7.30pm on Tuesday, October 10 and from 9.30am to 4pm the following day.