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Dispense with complicated programming.

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Fast, error-free transmission of tool data without network.

zidCode 4.0

Tool data options for manufacturing operations with their own network.

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Effortless data transfer

Effortlessly identify tools and transfer data with a transformative solution from zidCode. ZOLLER’s zidCode system takes the process of
recording and inputting tool data, making it suitably streamlined, easy, and
accurate for the modern shopfloor.

First, set and measure the chosen tool on your ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine. Once the tool dimensions have been taken, a label is printed. This label displays both the actual tool data and a QR code, which can then be scanned into your CNC machine control using a simple-to-fit USB scanner.

zidCode benefits

  • Avoid crashes on CNC machines

  • Plug and play

  • Free-from errors

  • Up to 45% time savings

  • with no need to type, check entries or paper transfer

  • Independent of your CNC machine 

End to end

zidCode is designed to minimise the need for intervention during machining, helping to reduce human error and improve efficiency. zidCode connects the full system from end to end, in order to optimise communication and optimise the overall performance of your tooling process. This means that everything from the handling of tools through to the tool-cutting stage can be optimised, so that your production runs faster and with less downtime.

The zidCode tag-based code reader enables all connected equipment to interact directly with each other in real time. This means that our software is able to control processes and handle data, enabling production to run more efficiently, with reduced human error and more uptime. ZidCode is a system that helps manufacturers digitise their manufacturing process. It integrates directly into the control screen, allowing users to create and edit quickly and easily without having to interact with the system directly. 

The process is easy and intuitive, with no networking required. It can be used anywhere within a facility where there is access to a wireless network – from R&D to production areas. This flexibility means that it can be easily integrated into any workflow, no matter how established it may be. It is completely scalable, making it an ideal tool for small to medium-sized operations as well as large corporations. 

With zidCode, there is no need to worry about intricate network settings or complex programming knowledge. This makes it accessible and adaptable for use by a wide range of users across different departments. Its user-friendly interface enables simple data management and intuitive navigation throughout the system, ensuring that it is easy to use even for first-time users. This means less time spent entering data and more time focused on productivity.

The system can be used by a wide variety of users across a manufacturing facility, including R&D personnel, engineers, plant managers, project managers and technicians. It is also ideal for use in training environments and can be used to teach new users how to use digital manufacturing and communicate with digitalised objects. This means that it can be used to help workers transition from traditional manual methods to the digitalised workplace of the future.

One of the greatest benefits of using zidCode is that it provides real-time access to real-time data. Users can see what processes are currently taking place on the shop floor and adjust them as needed to ensure optimal efficiency at all times. This leads to greater productivity and improved quality control, which in turn leads to increased profits and improved customer satisfaction.

3 Easy Steps

1. Tool preparation

Remove the tool holder with a 2D code then mount the cutting tool to get started. When you scan the code, the data is recorded, saved and stored in the Pilot software.

2. Tool measurement and adjustment

Once the 2D code is scanned and the tool is inserted into the machine, your ZOLLER device will open the applicable measuring programme for the particular tool. The measurement is stored in the database ready to export and transfer with zidCode

3. Set-up on machine

As soon as your tool has been scanned, the data will be processed and ready to share with your CNC machine immediately. Simply print out a code at your tool-presetting setup, attach the zidCode to your tool, and the the data is ready to transfer direct to the machine right away.

Ready. Steady. Cut.

What is a tag-based solution?

A tag-based solution is made up of hardware attached to the machinery on the factory floor, as well as software that communicates between machines to enable real time monitoring and optimisation of data and processes. The zidCode collects information about the machine, the tool and feeds this information into the software where it is stored and processed into a usable format. This can then enable the software to do automated tasks that would otherwise be manually driven, such as adjusting tool setting data and adjusting settings. By streamlining processes and eliminating unnecessary steps, tag-based solutions including zidCode can enable your plant to operate faster and more efficiently than ever before.

How does a tag-based solution work?

Many industrial operations use a variety of different types of machines to perform various different tasks. These machines are often located far from each other, meaning that they can’t be easily monitored and controlled in real time.

A tag-based solution makes it possible to monitor and control machines and equipment even when they are located far away from each other. The system consists of tags attached to individual machines and software that collects data from the tags and relays it back to the computers. The software is also able to analyse and process the data captured by the tags and use it to run automated tasks on the machines. This can allow operators to carry out more time-consuming jobs and perform maintenance tasks automatically, improving the efficiency and productivity of the plant as a whole.

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