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ZOLLER supply the most advanced offline tool presetting, inspection and measurement solutions on the planet, helping manufacturers to make better parts with maximum efficiency.

An unrivalled level of customer service and a comprehensive knowledge of the entire product range set us apart. Whatever the nature and size of your business, we focus on your needs and create made-to-measure solutions that will give superior performance well into the future.

ZOLLER UK is your competitive edge.


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Tool Presetting

Presetting allows manufacturers to set their tools with micron-precision, ensuring their products are manufactured with absolute precision at the first attempt.

ZOLLER boasts a vast range of horizontal and vertical presetters, heat-shrinking machines, process-oriented and universal measuring systems. Everything we develop is built to exacting standards in order to ensure that tool assemblies are measured and set with precision. As a result, you can be sure that manufactured products can be inspected with confidence.

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Inspection Equipment

ZOLLER has a wide variety of inspection and measuring equipment for cutting tools including non-contact vision-based systems and fully-automated all-in-one measuring solutions, covering all application areas and functions of cutting tool presetting, inspection and management.

Installations have been made within the manufacturing industry all around the world in the major sectors including automotive, aerospace, medical, tool and mould, tool grinding and sharpening and the high precision watch industry. Solutions to customers include standard machines and software packages to application specific measurement covering processes as diverse as fully automatic, shop-hardened universal machines with auto-focus vision systems that provide operator-independent quick and precise measurement with documented results allowing data to be immediately transferred from CAD/CAM and to tool grinding equipment.

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Tool Management

Efficient tool management based on intuitive operational software is the key to cost-effective machining processes and is an inherent part of Zoller’s development strategy which uses a single database for its series of different modules to achieve a step-by-step optimisation of production. Using seamless dataflow systems, Zoller is able to optimise a manufacturing process from receipt of order to delivery of the final product.

Intuitive operational software enables the management of tools, preparation of tool lists and setting sheets at the push of a button for individual components with graphs and the storage of data and availability plus the inclusion of an ordering facility. Direct transfer of data to a machine tool control, precise analysis and optimisation of tool stocks plus operator-friendly interface with most CAM systems are features of the systems giving highly flexible management of tools through the office or at the presetting machine.

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Measurement Tools

At ZOLLER we understand precision and productivity issues and that measurement tools are the backbone of the manufacturing industry especially as production tolerances, geometry and surface finish become ever tighter and performance is critical. Therefore the capability of a cutting tool to perform as originally designed goes no further than the ability to gain assurance of compliance through measurement and comparison. Here, the non-contact capability created by ZOLLER to work to the highest resolution of accuracy and combine different aspects and features of a tool to capture its data reduces machine setting times and overall operational down time. It also ensures effective levels of consistency, of performance and predictability of in-cut life while reducing the likelihood of serious damage to the tool and rejected workpieces.

From high-end systems right down to our SME-level equipment, ZOLLER stands for excellence in manufacturing. Our systems are designed with an uncompromising approach to quality- and this quality is within reach of all due to ZOLLER’s commitment to the highest standards right across the range. Our machines are built to the exacting standards that our customers demand, and no matter the customer quality is at the heart of everything we do.

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