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Tool presetting solutions for the defence industry

ZOLLER presetting in defence

Inspection you can count on

ZOLLER tool presetting solutions are designed to support inspection processes, utilising automated and digitalised inspection to accurately and repeatably measure tool intricacies and complex geometries to exacting specifications. This is vital in the defence industry, when all components must conform to specifications in order to perform exactly as intended. Acknowledging the tight margins and even tighter tolerances required in modern defence manufacturing, ZOLLER guarantees precise tool inspection.

Why use tool presetting for the defence industry?

Maximised machine

Offline tool presetting solutions streamline the tool preparation process, eliminating downtime, maximising machine utilisation, and minimising tool set-up times. This enables CNC machines to focus on producing profitable products to boost productivity and drive growth.


Achieve unparalleled accuracy through cutting-edge optical sensors and precise measurement technology to capture accurate and complex dimensions of tools.  Ensure that the correct tool information is seamlessly integrated into CNC machining processes to guarantee consistently high-quality parts.

Reduced tooling
costs and scrap

Minimise scrap and reduce tooling costs by ensuring the accuracy and standardisation of tool measurement. Eliminate the need for costly rework and scrap by optimising tool selection to extend tool life, reduce breakages and minimise machine downtime.

Quality without compromise

The UK defence sector demands exceptional accuracy and efficiency in its equipment and components to maintain a competitive edge. Advanced measurement technologies are crucial for upholding the highest standards of quality and performance. ZOLLER tool presetting solutions are an indispensable tool for British defence industry, providing advanced inspection technology with a multitude of applications and advantages over traditional measuring methods.

Conquer your measurement challenges

ZOLLER tool management solutions are designed to withstand the challenges of everyday tool measuring. No matter the challenge your team faces, ZOLLER UK experts are on-hand to help you overcome challenging components.

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