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Automated Tool Handling 24/7


Ideal for tool manufacturers with very high tool throughput who need 100% monitoring and logging: The ZOLLER automated solution for tool measuring roboSet 2 is especially fast, yet extremely compact.


The machine also guarantees maximum process security and measuring accuracy – through automatic path correction during feeding and a loading system which is mechanically decoupled from the measuring device.


When networked directly with your ZOLLER universal measuring machine, roboSet 2 can load tools around the clock, 7 days a week, completely autonomously. All you have to do is define the tool to be attached using the pallet management in pilot 3.0, then start automatic operations. roboSet 2 handles the rest for you, fully automatically: From loading, measuring, and removing tools, to sorting out faulty tools, archiving measured values, and issuing measured values on logs.


The Collaborative Robot Assistant

Takes over all standard tasks that arise in your tool presetting. Reliable, fast and efficient.


Robot Colleague in the Tool Room

Automatically preset, measure and even heat shrink tools — no problem with the ZOLLER automation solution roboSet.

roboSet 2:

Fully Automatic 100% checks

For automatic quality control of tools in goods-in or before delivery to your customers

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