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The ultimate
tool presetting systems

Unlock your manufacturing potential with ZOLLER UK’s range of tool presetting, inspection, storage and management solutions.

TMS Tool Management Solutions

Discover the TMS range from ZOLLER UK and discover the reasons why you need measurably more cost-efficient production

Tool Measuring Technology

An overview of comprehensive optimisation of your manufacturing operations to increase quality, efficiency, and productivity

ZOLLER Automation Overview

Tool availability is a limiting factor for part manufacturing on
every CNC machine. Discover the solution with automation.

Software Solutions Brochure

Discover powerful software solutions from ZOLLER support your production department and help avoid potential bottlenecks.

Smart Cabinets Brochure

The tool cart and the workbench complete your ZOLLER storage solutions and ensure a standardised design in your tool room.

zidCode Overview Brochure

Wrong data entry can be enough to steer your CNC machine into a crash. With zidCode, you can transmit the measurement and setting data.