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The perfect interface for digital manufacturing.

Tooling Solutions

We stand for smart solutions

Tool holders with ZOLLER idChip. We deliver all tool holders with an integrated chip and DataMatrix code on request. This allows you to clearly identify your tool holder at all times, with a comprehensive overview of all information, including the number of heating processes, uses on the machine and much more. The finish of key functional areas on the tool holder, such as the hard-turned clamping shoulders and drive slots, guarantees a long lifetime and outstanding precision in the machining process.

Everything from a single source

ZOLLER is always a step ahead in the development of new products, creating solutions for the future. We have been following this principle for decades, and not only with our measuring machines. Equip yourself for the digital requirements of tomorrow and prepare for the Smart Factory of the future with our ZOLLER Tooling Solutions

ZOLLER solutions for efficient manufacturing

Benefit from ZOLLER tooling solutions for the entire manufacturing process. ZOLLER offer a complete program of high-performance, high-precision measuring systems for your entire machining process. ZOLLER tooling solutions serves as the perfect interface for digital manufacturing

Over 2,000 highly-qualified holders

ZOLLER tooling solutions offer a comprehensive range of tool holders for any requirement in your machining process. All of our holders are consistently rated better than DIN requirements

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