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The effortlessly efficient heat shrinking system.


powerShrink takes less than 10 seconds to shrink-clamp a tool, while unclamping and cooling is done within 40 seconds, depending on the tool diameter. You’ll be ready for production in under a minute. Manufacturers who use powerShrink benefit from a high degree of rotation accuracy, long tool life, and reduced tooling costs, setting quality standards in manufacturing.


Light-controlled user guidance puts operators in control regardless of their experience level. The full-colour 12.5-inch detailed display on the ZOLLER pilot software intuitively guides operators step-by-step with clear images and large function buttons.

The shrink-clamp process has been reimagined in the all-new powerShrink for 100% efficiency. That means efficiency in line assembly, up to 30% energy savings and long-term sustainable savings. The ZOLLER induction coil connects two parallel windings within the coil activated and controlled separately, accelerating the heating and cooling processes.

Fast Operation

Turntable for quick and easy exchange of different holders; rapid heat shrinking and cooling process, enhancing production efficiency.

Flexible Design

Modular design for individual adjustments as needed, offering versatile tool presetting solutions

Energy Efficient

Up to 30% energy savings, contributing to sustainable measurement solutions

Safe and Clear

Optimum protection through simple, clear, and safe operation; integrated workbench for overview and order

Process Reliability

Reliable transmission of heat-shrinking parameters from the presetter to the PowerShrink, ensuring precision in tool presetting systems

Universal Usability

Usable for all HSS and hard metal tools from 3 to 32mm diameter; also suitable for extremely long tools

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