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The fully automated, high-end 3D scanning and measuring machine.


3dCheck is a fully automated, high-end 3D scanning and measuring machine that redefines the standards of workpiece and tool digitalisation.


This six-axis CNC machine combines the advantages of optical detection with a CNC-controlled 3D sensor and automated incident light image processing. 

It precisely measures parameters such as angles, radii and distances directly from the 3D model, recording and making them available for further evaluation anywhere and at any time. From coordinate measurement to reverse engineering for quality assurance in R&D, 3dCheck offers fast, process-oriented 3D simulation. Experience the convenience of leading technology on the factory floor with 3dCheck.


Pilot image-processing technology for 2D and 3D digitalisation

Ease of Use

Ergonomic operating elements for a user-friendly experience


Designed for the shop floor, ensuring durability and longevity


Full adaptation to your production needs for maximum efficiency


CNC control, swivelling stripe light projector for precise measurements


Opens up new dimensions with process-oriented 3D digitalisation


Time-saving real-time image transmission for faster results

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