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Data communication between individual elements of production forms the basis for what we know today as Industry 4.0.

Data Transfer

ZOLLER offers a range of secure and fast data transfer solutions from your tool presetter to your CNC machine, enhancing your tool inspection and measurement solutions.

With ZOLLER, you can securely transfer tool data to your CNC machines, regardless of the manufacturer. This can be achieved via RFID chip, post-processor (Distributed Numerical Control (DNC) system), or even through higher-level manufacturing control systems. One simple, yet highly effective, option is the encryption of actual data in a data matrix code, which can be scanned on the label with a reader connected to the CNC machine controller.


Transfer tool data instantly, freeing up your engineers to complete other jobs instead of manually inputting data


Automatic data transfer avoids user error, with the risk of incorrect information being eliminated thanks to ZOLLER technology


Tool data you can trust. Repeatable and reliable solutions transfer your data efficiently and accurately, every single time

ZOLLER optimised manufacturing. zidCode is an efficient solution for tool identification and data transfer, specifically developed for small to mid-sized businesses. zidCode transmits data for complete tools without complication using a QR code, saving 45% of the time spent manually entering actual tool data into the machine controls. This eliminates input errors entirely, increasing process security and eliminating time-consuming reworking


Ideal for large companies with a modern machine plant, the RFID chip is written on the presetting and measuring machine and automatically read by the tool machine. This fast and efficient tool identification and data transfer solution enhances your production efficiency

DataMatrix Code

This version of data transfer works via a cost computer system. The tool is identified by a data matrix code on the precision tool holder. Thanks to automatic data transfer between machine and presetter, crashes due to incorrect tool data are completely eliminated, maintaining quality standards in manufacturing

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