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Zidcode FAQ

Frequently asked questions
What requirements must my ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine meet?
zidCode: Your ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine requires one of the following pilot device software versions: pilot 4.0, pilot 3.0 or pilot 2 mT from version, or pilot 1.0 from version and a label printer zidCode 4.0: Your ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine requires pilot 4.0 machine software version 1.18.7 or higher, a network connection and a post-processor with the appropriate output format in order to transfer your tool data wirelessly to your machine tool.

zidCode: USB cable for keyboard simulation or USB stick simulation and serial (RS-232) or ethernet for data transfer.

zidCode 4.0: Your CNC machine must be network-compatible. A network and power connection must be provided for zidCode 4.0 on the machine. Either the CNC machine must be integrated into the production network or a free network connection must be available.

zidCode: We estimate approximately one hour per machine. There is also one day for training and, if necessary, one day for an update of the ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine. zidCode 4.0: About half a day per machine. Add one to two days for training and, if required, one day for an update of the ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine.
zidCode: This is your best fit if you do not want to work via a network. With zidCode, you eliminate typing errors at the machine. The machine operators scan the code and the tool data arrives correctly in the machine control system. zidCode 4.0: This is best if you want to or can work via a network and want to benefit from even greater efficiency in the production process. The zidCode 4.0 offers an even wider range of services in terms of networking, process optimization and increased efficiency.
zidCode: Simply connect it directly to the machine via USB, serial or network cable. An appropriate configuration ensures the correct function of zidCode. zidCode 4.0: The machine should be in the same network as the zidCode 4.0 unit and your ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine. A network connection for the production network on the CNC machine is required for this. If the machine is located in a shielded network, zidCode 4.0 can also communicate with two networks using an optional extension.

The monitor of either the zidCode or zidCode 4.0 is attached to your machine tool with very strong magnets. No drilling, hardly any effort and a firm attachment even during operation. Alternatively, you can also get zidCode 4.0 on a column to set up next to your machine.

zidCode: If you are using USB, then no. If you are using ethernet or a serial interface, then yes. If the power supply via USB is not sufficient (older cables on older machines), then an external power supply can be ordered as an option. zidCode 4.0: Yes, always.

zidCode: None. The corresponding QR code for data transfer is printed on a label on the ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine. You can either clip these onto your tool holders with our ZOLLER tool tag holders or stick the labels directly onto the tool.

zidCode 4.0: All tool holders must be marked with a unique 2D code. ZOLLER offers the reliable solutions idLabel or idChip for permanent tool marking. The code is used to identify your tool holder and the associated data is taken from the network. Alternatively, the tool holder can also be marked with a 2D code using laser marking.

Yes, you can! We can also provide you with the zidCode 4.0 solution without a touchscreen. The zidCode 4.0 application is web-based and can be used on any screen format. Instead of the zidCode 4.0 housing, you will then receive the housing of the zidCode including scanner.