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The universal presetting and measuring machine designed for turning machines.


Whether you’re looking to preset and measure tools for lathe machines, processing centres or milling centres, the hyperion is your go-to solution for turning.


Due to a specially mounted revolving table, the ZOLLER hyperion caters to almost all tool-holding requirements – quickly, accurately and reliably. With 100% prepared and inspected tools, you’ll experience the immediate benefits that come standard with ZOLLER – improved efficiency, better parts, higher productivity and greater profits.

Universal Application

A unique measuring device for almost all different tool holders, offering unparalleled tool presetting solutions.


The revolving table can be configured with frequently used holders, enhancing production efficiency.


High-precision spindle, powerful optics, and pilot image processing for precision tool presetting

Robust Construction

Special alloys and stable construction ensure the machine meets quality standards in manufacturing.


Consistent use of branded products and best price-performance ratio, symbolising precision in tool presetting systems.

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