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The high-end inspection and measuring machine for precision tools.


Experience the pinnacle of precision with titan, the ultimate universal measuring machine for cutting tools.


This high-end solution offers fully automated measurements, including cutting edge preparation, all within a single, top-tier system. With seven CNC-driven axes, titan delivers unrivalled precision, enabling entirely operator-independent and consistent documentation. The fully automatic positioning of the sensors, high repeatability, and ease of use, even for highly complex measuring processes, make titan a standout in the inspection and measuring field. Embrace the clear efficiency and quality advantages titan brings to your manufacturing processes.

Fully Automated

Experience micron-accurate, automated measuring of precision tools and cutting-edge preparation

Precision at its Best

Benefit from a CNC-controlled multi-sensor measuring system, automatic level control, and a low-vibration base

Flexibility Unleashed

Enjoy the benefits of multi-LED lighting and SKP sensors, controllable with up to seven CNC axes

Safety and Comfort

Simple operation and ergonomic, space-saving design ensure safe processes and optimal working comfort


Extremely easy operation; no expert-level skills required

Profitability Amplified

Perform highly complex measurements automatically and quickly, including inspection reports

Cutting Edge Preparation

Fully automatic measuring of the cutting-edge preparation

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