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The automatic detection and measurement solution for wear marks and defects along the cutting edge.


The ZOLLER edgeControl detects the smallest chips on the cutting edge. This machine guarantees high-level accuracy and repeatability, thanks to its unique 3D sensor.


Would you like to supply your customers with 100% quality and / or sharpen them efficiently and therefore need to quickly and precisely identify breakouts or wear on tool cutting edges? The universal measuring machine edgeControl detects tool breakouts on all cutting edges quickly and fully automatically.

The 3D sensor takes on this demanding task. The sensor is automatically aligned to the cutting edge and the cutting edges are digitised in 3D including simultaneous path control of the axes. The subsequent analysis of the 3D model is also fully automatic and can be influenced manually if required.

The pilot 4.0 software automatically detects the greatest wear on cutting edges, calculates it and exports the data to the grinding machine in a control-appropriate manner. Your tools are optimally ground and achieve longer life cycles. This increases quality and resource efficiency.


Detects even small perforations on the cutting edge

Precise inspection that doesn’t damage tools
Wear evaluation at the clearance angle and in the chip space, evaluation table with measurement data
Seamless documentation of all measuring results
Suitable for workshop use
Robust, space-saving construction

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