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The universal setting and measuring machine for standard tools.


The ZOLLER smile is an essential tool for manufacturing companies performing machining work. This machine guarantees high-level accuracy and repeatability, thanks to its unique CNC spindle and auto-focus capabilities.


Easy to operate, this world-class yet affordable machine is equipped with all standard functions for professional tool presetting solutions. Its robust construction ensures it performs comfortably in shop-floor environments.

The smile’s variable control unit, ergonomic single-hand operating handle, and freely accessible tool clamp enhance work comfort. The direct transmission of tool data to your machines is seamless, improving production efficiency.

High Quality

Utilisation of top-brand products, ensuring quality standards in manufacturing.


SK50 high-precision spindle, superior optics, and leading image processing technology for precise tool presetting.

Easy to Use

User-friendly graphical guide in pilot image tech, simplifying the use of our presetting and measuring machine.


Comprehensive hardware and software options for tailored production efficiency.


Seamless data transmission direct to your machine control unit, enhancing tool management solutions.

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