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The combined adjustment, shrinking and measuring machine.


The redomatic is not just a machine, it’s a comprehensive solution for tool management. This tabletop presetting machine is a multi-faceted tool that excels in the three disciplines of presetting, measuring, and heat-shrinking tools.


The redomatic is equipped with a four-axis CNC control unit, autofocus, a revolving table for quick changes between tool holder types, an induction coil, tailstock and a cooling system. 

Thanks to asza – its unique automatic length adjustment feature – it’s designed to shrink tools quickly and easily, achieving at least ± 10-micron accuracy. The heat-shrinking and cooling process takes just 35 seconds, offering manufacturers both remarkable time savings and preserved clamping chuck life due to minimal energy usage.

Multi-Tasking Powerhouse

Combines presetting, heat shrinking and measuring capability in a single device, making it a comprehensive tool presetting solution

Fast and Accurate

Features a patented longitudinal axis system for comfortable, automatic, quick, and accurate heat shrinking

Safe Operation

Equipped with a heat shrink control system and patented flue gas suction device, ensuring quality standards in manufacturing

Machine Life

Consistent use of high-quality branded components ensures a long-lasting precision tool presetting system

Automated Efficiency​

Combine with roboSet for 24/7 fully automatic heat shrinking and unclamping of tools, enhancing your production efficiency

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