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The professional tabletop presetting and measuring machine.


Experience the epitome of ZOLLER’s quality standards in manufacturing with the smileCompact. This tabletop presetting machine is not just about simplicity of operation, but it also provides everything you need for fast and accurate presetting and measuring of standard tools offline.


Designed for ergonomic use in the heart of the manufacturing environment, the smileCompact delivers precision tool presetting systems. It measures tool length, diameter, radius, angle, concentricity, and axial run-out in mere seconds using pilotStarter image processing and touch-screen technology.

The tool’s cutting edge is vividly displayed on the vertical 13” panel PC, providing immediate and precise results without any training requirements. The smileCompact is your perfect entry point into the world of ZOLLER’s tool management solutions.


Offers the broadest range of services in the entry-level price segment.


Features ZOLLER image processing pilotStarter on a 13″ Panel PC.

Conducts standard measurements with a single mouse click.
Utilises high-quality name-brand components for a long machine life.


Compact tabletop design for production efficiency.


Can be placed next to the CNC machine, on the shop floor or in production islands.


Comes with a membrane keypad for power-activated spindle clamping and spindle indexing.

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