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Tool dispensing for a transparent tool component and accessory part output.


The ZOLLER twister, combined with ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions software, is the optimal solution for the output of tool components and accessories.


You always have the current stock of your cutting tools, insert tip packages, tool boxes or even your accessories in sight and can re-order on time. The machine stores the items in spirals, which issue stock items individually. Accurate circulation checks and storage transparency is guaranteed. The removals can be 100% traced and analysed – thanks to seamless documentation in the item statistics module of user, time and quantity.

Direct interface to the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions software


Fast location thanks to the graphic 3D display of the storage locations in the software


Available in 2 sizes


Quick filling, simple, controlled output
Controlled storage of cutting tools, insert tip packages, tool boxes and even accessories

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