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The precision measuring, inspection and testing solution for saw blades.


The ZOLLER sawCheck, provides a user-independent, fully automatic and touchless solution for measuring sawblades, tooth by tooth.


There are ever-increasing requirements in manufacturing with regards to accuracy and efficiency, especially when it comes to the regrinding of precision saws.

The ZOLLER sawCheck offers efficient and precise inspection of saw teeth, seamlessly recording measurements. It quickly inspects parameters like tooth shape, division, and concentricity in transmitted light, while also measuring rake angle, clearance angle, and tooth thickness in incident light, both radially and axially. Optionally, it can determine the axial runout of the master blade with a sensor, considering this information when measuring other parameters. ZOLLER’s sawCheck ensures a safe and comprehensive check of precision saws for manufacturers and grinding shops.


Simple, quick, safe and complete check of precision blades for manufacturers and grinding shops


Precision camera swivel with incident light image processing for axial and radial inspection of blades. Measuring sensor for runout compensation on the master blade (from D300mm)

Operator independent

Graphical software user interface with self-explanatory function keys for simple creation and processing of measuring procedures


Extensive recording of the measuring results


Offers a user-independent, fully automatic and touchless solution for measuring saw blades


Measures a wide range of parameters in both transmitted and incident light

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