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Streamlining Tool Management Solutions

Storage Solutions

Eliminate manual searching for tools and accessories, incorrect storage, and downtime due to missing stock with ZOLLER's storage solutions.

These intelligent storage solutions are designed to deliver time and cost savings by recording, measuring, managing, storing, and inspecting all of your company’s tools, components, materials, and consumables throughout their entire lifecycle, all with just a few clicks of a mouse button.

Whether you’re dealing with single components or complete tool assemblies, ZOLLER’s smart cabinets offer maximum transparency and efficiency with minimum effort. They are the epitome of precision tool inspection systems and tool management solutions.

Maximum Transparency

The right quantity of tools is always available thanks to transparent warehouse stock

Maximum Order

Eliminate costly time spent searching for tools. Tool information is at your fingertips so you know exactly where your tools are, always

Maximum Costs Savings

Fast location of your items, available at the point of use, reduced black stocks and tool costs

The Right Storage Solution for Every Item ​

You can systematically store a variety of materials in the various models of our Smart Cabinets – from tools and components to consumables and accessories or measuring and inspection equipment.


The tool cabinet with vertical drawers for storing complete tools and tool mounts — available in various sizes


The smart tool cabinet for tools and tool components


The tool dispenser for tool components and accessories — available in various sizes

The automated locker for dispensing a wide variety of commodities like protective equipment, measuring materials, and power tools

Storage cabinet for securely storing items like hand tools and lubricants, or measuring and inspection equipment


With the ZOLLER tool trolley you always have your tools, adapters and attachment holders safe and at hand next to your setting and measuring device.

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