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Quickly, precisely and easily preset and measure standard tools.

pilot 1.0

The ZOLLER pilot 1.0 image processing technology makes it possible to easily preset and measure standard tools, quickly, precisely and easily. This includes automatic cutting edge form and measuring range recognition, the navigation system compass, the cris360° projector function and cutting edge inspection to determine real effective measuring of tools, and a large, clear image of the cutting tool edge on a 13.3” panel PC.


pilot 1.0, a breakthrough in image processing technology, offers comprehensive functionality in measuring and presetting standard tools swiftly and effortlessly.

This advanced tool measurement software is designed for use on the shop floor, providing a clear representation of the cutting edge on a 13.3-inch panel PC. Users can expect real-time measurement results from a range of measuring functions, including longitudinal and cross dimensions, radius, two-angle technology, concentricity, and run-out. With workshop-compatible pilot 1.0, you can reduce machine downtime, improve reliability, enhance productivity, and increase profitability.

pilot 1.0 Highlights


Simple measuring results thanks to intuitive user guidance


Clamp and measure tool – quickly in process


Clearly structured control elements in the software interface

Did You Know...

pilot 1.0 pairs seamlessly with ZOLLER’s smile tool presetter. This powerful combination creates a robust, user-friendly solution that can be utilised in various settings. Whether it’s on the shop floor next to CNC machines, in processing and test centres, or in measurement rooms, this duo delivers precision and efficiency. The integration of pilot 1.0’s advanced image processing software with the smile tool presetter’s capabilities ensures accurate tool measurement and presetting, enhancing your production efficiency and maintaining quality standards in manufacturing.

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